Saturday, November 28, 2009

Open Arms with Love

Happy Holydays to everyone everyday!

I am blessed with my Daughters company for this week end. I will be open on Tuesday.
Sorry for all those "out of towners" here! Were this the week end I could hit into the black I would Not give up this time we had today! Not even for a million...

See You all soon!

Brooke is stepping in this next few days to play so keep your eyes peeled for new menu items!

See You at TAO Food!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holy Daze in Holy days for the Holidays!

Holy Days Menu

Available November 24 & 25th for take out or dine in!
Preorder yours today!
All orders over $100 before November 18 will receive a free 6 piece of Raw Chocolate Love Holyday assortment.

E-mail preorders to

Thank You for choosing to support our community!

Parsnip mashed potatoes!
Sweet garlic, creamy with a smoky mild bite, sesame cream, olive oil, and real salt
$8.95 pint

Sweet mushroom gravy with herbs!
Sesame cream with seasoned dragon mushrooms –
$6.25 pint

Cranberry Apple Chutney
Fuji apples and Fresh Cranberries
“Simmered” together with holiday spices
$8.75 pint

Classic Stuffing
- Buckwheat and classic mire poix (Onion, celery, carrots)
- in a tender and tasty experience.
Comfort food!
$6.75 pint

Save the Turkey sliced “neat” loaf
Soaked Walnuts blended with onions, celery, golden flax, Psyllium,
traditional seasonings and Sea Salt
$5.75 2 slices

Walnut, Buckwheaties & Date crust


Apple Crumble

Chocolate Cream

Cashew Cheese Cake
Walnut date crust

10” $45
*** Special Holiday Price ***


Chocolate Mousse