Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Week Americana Menu!

What a great way to celebrate life in America!

Come in for a Sweet or a Savory treat!


Fudge Brownie Sundaes!

You can experience Your favorite Foods again for the first time!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 3! Pan Pacific!

Check out the Lumpia, Spring Rolls, Sushi, Miso Soup...

Yummy! Great reviews on everything we have served!

Thank You for your inspirations.

Gear up for the Americana Week! Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!
Burgers, Onion Rings, Potato Chips and More!

Drop a note of your most used grocery items. We will stock what You need the most of. Best Prices Guaranteed on the Freshest foods!

In Stock right Now fresh cracked and packed Macadamia Nuts!
Taste the Flavor!

See You Soon at TAO Food!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week Two too!!!

What a Joy to share Live food with our community!!!
I am grateful for all these wonderful opportunities to connect and serve You our community. I have almost 6 years on this Raw Adventure now. Everyday is a joyful opportunity for personal growth and continued detox. People ask me, "Aren't you done with the detox?" I am still and will forever be in detox mode as long as there are toxins in our environment. Saving the $ to get the mercury out of my head!

What is going on at TAO Food!??

This week is Italian themed food, come in to pick up a menu and a delicious soup or have a RAWKin' smoothie/shake to boot! Next week, #3 is Pan Pacific foods!

WE have a wide variety of grocery items in stock from Transition Nutrition/ Royal Himalayan. All items are always 10% off retail all ways!

Coming soon selected items from Sunfood and Ultimate Superfoods. What ingredients do you use the most?

You can assure favorite items in stock by sending and e-mail to with prepay we can special order anything from any of these 3 companies.

Thank You for your support! We have a community calendar coming soon with free and low cost classes! If you have a class idea or are ready to teach an enlightening study for our community, call Ba'tin (ba teen) at 916.670.8955

First Class FREE!!!
This Saturday!!!

Free Class? Donations gladly accepted for your instructor.
Breakfast available following class!

The Art of Deep breathing,
Calm & Focus the mind while improving your posture.
Enjoy the benefits of increased oxygen to your system.
We will practice the complete breath.

Your breathing guide for the is journey is Ba’10 (pr. Ba’ teen)
Ba’10 is a student of life and currently advancing his studies in integral yoga. Now in his 7th year he is bringing you the Art of Pranyama or Complete Breath. Once you learn this exercise you can put it into action in your daily life cooperatively assisting you on your mission to enjoy life to the fullest!

Saturday May 17th starting promptly 9am until 10 at The Art of Food! Live Café and Tonic bar.
NO charge for admission to the first class all remaining classes in a series of 6 classes. All classes on a sliding scale. Pay what You feel you have received.

Bring a pillow, blanket and or yoga mat for your best comfort.

See YOU at TAO Food!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Hoy!

This Boat has set Sail!

Thank You to all of our Joyful Family who attended our opening night. This work of Art in progress is a Joyful collaboration of all who come make this their place away from home. The Purest intention in this Sacred space is to have pure community.

You are invited to be a part of the five dollar club. Join our wall of Bowls. Members receive 2 for 1 on their bowl of soup always. Your name will be hand carved into Your bowl. First soup is $5 with a bowl.

We are looking for a few more items to make this space feel like Home. Do You have a low laying couch with tight line waiting for a new home? Will barter food for cash value of quality used or new couches that will perfectly fit into one of two locations at The Cafe.

We have Free WiFi! Compliments of Del Paso Partnership.

Next weeks menu available at the cafe Friday of every following week Tuesday to Saturday.

This weeks menu is currently Latin Based! Come experience Pasole' a Live!

Personal blog coming to catch you up on the Joyful growth and learning in this Joyful Life!

Thank You for being a ray of sunshine in my life.
See You at The Art of Food!
"(TAO) Food!"

Remember to sign up for our frequent email opportunities for first hand news of special collaborative purchases. Visit

Up coming agave purchase. Retail price $90 Gallon plus shipping. Members price $60 Bargain buy in 55 gallon drum buy in. Goal date May 20th. send your email to raworders (At) $30 per gallon You provide the gallon sized jars. $1 extra for quart jars filled. $25 per gallon if you take 5 one gallon containers.