Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holy Daze in Holy days for the Holidays!

Holy Days Menu

Available November 24 & 25th for take out or dine in!
Preorder yours today!
All orders over $100 before November 18 will receive a free 6 piece of Raw Chocolate Love Holyday assortment.

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Parsnip mashed potatoes!
Sweet garlic, creamy with a smoky mild bite, sesame cream, olive oil, and real salt
$8.95 pint

Sweet mushroom gravy with herbs!
Sesame cream with seasoned dragon mushrooms –
$6.25 pint

Cranberry Apple Chutney
Fuji apples and Fresh Cranberries
“Simmered” together with holiday spices
$8.75 pint

Classic Stuffing
- Buckwheat and classic mire poix (Onion, celery, carrots)
- in a tender and tasty experience.
Comfort food!
$6.75 pint

Save the Turkey sliced “neat” loaf
Soaked Walnuts blended with onions, celery, golden flax, Psyllium,
traditional seasonings and Sea Salt
$5.75 2 slices

Walnut, Buckwheaties & Date crust


Apple Crumble

Chocolate Cream

Cashew Cheese Cake
Walnut date crust

10” $45
*** Special Holiday Price ***


Chocolate Mousse

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