Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu! April 6-11

This Weeks’ Offerings:


Mushroom Ceviche' 8.
Citrus marinated oyster, beech & shitake mushrooms tucked into romaine hearts, topped with electric onions and served with crunchy crackers

Spring Rolls 7.
Fresh veggies, sprouts & barbecued mushrooms wrapped in collard greens served with Mango Chili dipping sauce

Veggin' Out Sushi Rolls 8.
Nori rolls stuffed with teriyaki pate, jicama rice, fresh veggies, sprouts and avocado served with sesame ginger sauce

Soups (warmed)

Pasole' 7.
Shredded cabbage and corn in a Tomato-California Chili base topped w/ cilantro

Miso Mushroom 9.
Chickpea miso, sea veggies, softened mushrooms, fresh veggies & sesame seeds


Choice Greens 7.
Mixed Greens or Romaine Lettuce topped w/fresh seasonal veggies & Tomato Herb Dressing or Creamy Hemp Seed Ranch

Tuna Salad 10.
Mixed Greens topped with our mock "tuna", electric onions, beets, cucumber, sprouts & ranch dressing


Tasty Tostada 9.
Crunchy corn flax seed Tostada Shell topped w/Mexican flavored sprouted Sunflower Seed Pate piled high with Shredded Romaine, Taco Sauce, Cashew/Sesame Sour Cream & Hemp Seeds

Bursting Burrito 8.
Mexican flavored sprouted sunflower seed Pate piled high with Shredded Romaine, Taco Sauce, Cashew/
Sesame Sour Cream & Hemp Seeds in a Crisp Romaine Wrap

The Cuban 13.50
Portobello "Steak" topped w/ cilantro pesto sauce served with butternut "mash", plantain chips & softened Kale Salad (nut, seed, onion & garlic free)

Mediterranean Pizza & Caesar 11.50
Our crunchy pizza crust topped with marinated spinach, mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, soft almond cheese & Parmesan. Served w/our Classic Caesar Salad


Cashew "Cheese"cake of the Day 7.50

Cinnamon Rolls topped w/ sweet cream "frosting" 3.

Chocolate Brownie Sundae 6.75
Rich chocolate brownie topped w/ banana ice cream, chocolate sauce & walnuts

Key Lime Pie 6.75
Tangy sweet classic key lime mousse on a macadamia crust

This Weeks Raw Chocolate Love!
Delicious Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, Kisses, Assorted Barks available; banana walnut crunch, Golden Berry coconut, Cherry, Mac nut.

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