Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello Friends and Family!
This is a brief note to update you in the adventures of Synergy Chef & The Art of Food!

First and foremost, I pray you have the time to visit The Green Boheme after they re-open on June 1st.

Second, as of today May 25th 2010, The Green Boheme is in violation of our verbal agreements and written contracts. I pray for a speedy resolution to the conflicts.

Third, Synergy Chef Richard Hemsley is available for a few more dates this summer for education purposes in groups of 10 or more. IF you ahve a specific topic you are interested in please call 916.572.6010 or write to classes@theartoffood.org

Synergy Chef is Specifically focused on the education of Children and Parents of Children all ages, Teachers and administrative persons in schools.

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