Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Hoy!

This Boat has set Sail!

Thank You to all of our Joyful Family who attended our opening night. This work of Art in progress is a Joyful collaboration of all who come make this their place away from home. The Purest intention in this Sacred space is to have pure community.

You are invited to be a part of the five dollar club. Join our wall of Bowls. Members receive 2 for 1 on their bowl of soup always. Your name will be hand carved into Your bowl. First soup is $5 with a bowl.

We are looking for a few more items to make this space feel like Home. Do You have a low laying couch with tight line waiting for a new home? Will barter food for cash value of quality used or new couches that will perfectly fit into one of two locations at The Cafe.

We have Free WiFi! Compliments of Del Paso Partnership.

Next weeks menu available at the cafe Friday of every following week Tuesday to Saturday.

This weeks menu is currently Latin Based! Come experience Pasole' a Live!

Personal blog coming to catch you up on the Joyful growth and learning in this Joyful Life!

Thank You for being a ray of sunshine in my life.
See You at The Art of Food!
"(TAO) Food!"

Remember to sign up for our frequent email opportunities for first hand news of special collaborative purchases. Visit

Up coming agave purchase. Retail price $90 Gallon plus shipping. Members price $60 Bargain buy in 55 gallon drum buy in. Goal date May 20th. send your email to raworders (At) $30 per gallon You provide the gallon sized jars. $1 extra for quart jars filled. $25 per gallon if you take 5 one gallon containers.

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