Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Wow! Can You feel the LOVE???

I am grateful to each and everyone of You.

Thank You for sharing the Love. Funny how others see each of us. We are usually our worst critics.

As many of you may know from reading my writing and meeting me I am recovering from chronic depression. The love I have received and expressed has greatly participated in modifying my behavior patters. This Summer is Jam packed with fun filled events. Raw Spirit in Santa Barbara, Raw Union in Central Point Oregon Mystic Garden Party in Ashland and a few smaller events along with my favorite Raw event of the year, Raw and Living Spirit retreat.

Here are a few links to see what we have been up to...

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Channel 3 July 14th time TBA

Mystic Garden Party

Raw and Living Spirit Retreat

Star camp Shasta

Northern exposure


  1. Hi Richard!
    What an incredible treat it was to dine at your cafe again last night-thank you letting us come in instead of closing, and also for staying late! It was a pleasure, and if you hadn't let us in, I would have gone home all sad and bummed. Thank you! Below your readers will also find a description of my culinary experience. But first...
    I was just referring someone via email to your restaurant, so I logged into your blogsite to verify logistics/information to pass onto my friend. And what do I find??!! Lo and Behold-Webpage updates! Yoo Hoo!! Your hours are now listed in nice, bold letters, and so is a detailed description of your menu! Way to go, Richard! Your shakes are truly a tasty mouth sensation too, so I think if you listed those (and the incredible ingredients) on the menu as well, people would see more of what they need to come in for. (Might I also suggest that you relocate the hours info to the very top, next to the address and phone, and bold that, too? It would be easier to find.) I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the varying ambient music you had going overhead, and I was pleasantly surprised when you told me that you were only playing cds from 'people you knew or had met.' How cool is that??! And offering free gifts of a cd sample to take was a lovely touch. I will be back for mine in the future for sure. I suspect these days of being able to easily get a table there without long lines will soon give way to standing room only, no parking, long waits with lines around the corner, and forced call-ahead orders to go. In the meantime, I can't decide whether to keep referring all my friends, or keep your restaurant a secret to myself. Shshshshhhhhhh
    (Your site will not fit the rest of the text here, so I will continue on the next post about my experience.)

  2. Part II continued from above:
    Hi again,
    With my dinner last night, I found it hard to stop celebrating with *every bite*-I kept feeling in awe as I ate the Mexican'Bursting Burrito.' You see, being Hispanic, as a child I grew up on traditional Mexican food, (yeah, I have since long ago learned to eat wisely) and as I kept eating, I was having to remind myself constantly that this wasn't *bad* for me, that it was actually *healthy.* The flavors and spices were so nostalgic for me, and I kept having to remind myself of that over and over. 'This is *health food.* This is nutritious for you. It is all good.'

    Then to have already finished such an authentic tasting, incredible dinner, I was *not prepared* to be further bowled over by an equally scrumptious and also beautiful dessert. I should have known. It never disappoints. I had the chocolate 'cheese' cake (yeah, ya gotta use parenthesis man so people are not confused-it looks like the traditional stuff say of Martha Stewart quality) with ice cream, chocolate sauce and the cinnamon crumbles. Woah. I said out loud, 'This is a party in my mouth. Geez.' But it was an understatement.
    I want to give your readers an idea of how just how good this dessert is. Get this:

    My friend had been slowly savoring, enjoying each bite of his for awhile (he had even stopped socializing and talking to us!), when all of a sudden, I heard him grunt and make like an 'ugh' sound, saying 'oh no!' as his spoon hard-crashed into his plate and a piece of his crumble (now hard shell frozen over the ice cream and hard to cut) went flying onto the floor. Oh man!! (I hate when that happens) He was heart broken, you could tell....But he kept on eating, bummed he had lost some of his 'save for last' best topping goodness. A few bites later, poor guy, the same thing happened again!! Clank! Went his spoon, and 'weeeeeeee' went his crumble, across his lap and onto the floor. But you know what? He looked at me, then looked at the tasty hunka morsel on the floor, and immediately learned from his first mistake. 'I don't care. I'm going to eat it,' he told me. (Five second rule) And without even dusting it off, he picked it up and shoved it in his mouth. Hah! No lie.
    Richard joked that my friend was getting good bacteria and an immunity boost from doing that ('probiotics' we all joked). So the moral of this story is:
    1. You better run, not walk, over to The Art of Food.
    2. I hang out with smart people.
    See you next time,