Monday, July 20, 2009

Mystic Garden Party...TAO will not be open :(~~:-)

Hello Family!

"The Freshest, Best tasting
Food on the planet!"

"Holy ____ that's GOOD!"


Come experience what everyone is talking about.

Raw Chocolate Love!
The bark available this week! $35/# Special Regularly $3.15/oz Available; Goji, Almond, Macadamia, Durian Coconut, "too dark" & Island Fire!

Fresh in house ground, Brazil Nut Buttercups are back!!! The BEST!

1oz Special $2 ea and 2 oz size Special $3 ea

Due to the fact that I am only one man, the restaurant will be closed during a few previously committed events. Mystic Garden Party site

This Thursday thru Monday we will be closed. Feel free to call in pre-orders and stock up for a few days. we can pack your lunch dinner or Breakfast.

Call for availability & specials.

***Last order in at 8pm***
Wednesday July 22.
Call 916.920.4278

See You at TAO!!!

Look for our coupon at midtown grid!
Check out the links...<<<< (on the left of this page.) See event coming up we will have additional specials on pre-ordered meals!!! Remember to Drop a business card in the shell to win a $350, $250 or $150 gift basket during our Grand opening special events in August/September.
Great Line up of Guest speakers.

Kevin & Anne Marie - August 1st
Dr. Craig Sommers August 4th
Angelina Elliot and Lou Corona August 8th
Come in for a flier and invite a friend!

Just Confirmed today Peggy and Ken of the
Angels Health Food institute in Central Point Oregon, will be speaking on September 26th at 10am til 1pm. $15 entrance includes a small Green Machine in our cup or bring your own 16 oz container for an added bonus 4 oz FR3E!

+~~***MORE Grand opening announcements unfolding daily!***~~+

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  1. Greetings,
    It was such a treat to dine on your yummy tostadas at the Raw Spirit Festival as well as the Mystic Garden Party! Hungry for more! And you promised that you'd email me the recipe (especially for the tortilla) ... so if you would be so kind we'd be sooooo appreciative! Many thanks and Blessings to you! Heather & Raymundo